Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vicissitudes of Leading Footballer Massey career

Argentina's captain and leading footballer Lionel had several ups and downs in the 11 year career of Massey but nevertheless he made his name in world football but its future failure by Chile for the second time in the final of the Copa America Cup to be abolished.
29-year-old Messi began his international career 18 years 17 August 2005 from the match against Hungary, Massey was sent into the field as a substitute in the 63rd minute, but anti athlete for a minute in the ground due to falling elbow it was called back after a short time.
2013 Massey career proved to be the golden year when Switzerland's hat-trick against Brazil, Messi won his team a victory in the 3 and 4 than 3 goals against Brazil in Switzerland. Messi 3 goals in the match against guatamyla the year of equal their team record of Maradona's former captain and coach.
Massey did not affect his team's performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals suffered defeat at the hands of Germany. Copa Cup held in the United States Messi has shown his best form and he, after which installed its dak in 3 round spot only 19 minutes in the match against Panama event once again expectations were associated with the final after the defeat at the hands of Chile 2 4 goals than Messi has appeared frustrated and he announced he will retire from international football after the match.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Junaid Khan Dis-hearted as again and again drop by PCB

Junaid Khan make a plan that he will be permanently settled to England and about to

Mohammad Amir got a visa to the United Kingdom as confirmed by PCB

Fast Bowler Muhammad UK visa has been approved by the British cricket board. This is latest happy news